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Commercial Real Estate Marketing and Leasing Platform

Findspace empowers owners, managers and brokerages to expertly manage, market & lease their commercial real estate portfolio – anytime, anywhere – while tracking leads & opportunities. We do so with easily-accessible, low-touch management tools for real-time performance analytics and reporting, through seamless integration of internal processes and external marketing channels.

Simplified Management In Real Time

Leverage operational data

Track & report on marketing performance

Create lease expiry profiles

View asset distribution

Manage lead & opportunity activity

Marketing Made Easy!

Keep brokers engaged with automatic updates of any portfolio changes

Easily publish opportunities directly to your website

Automatically synchronize with CRE Portals

Dynamic Stacking Plans

Integrate internal systems & eliminate redundancy

Access timely lease expiry profiles & renewals

Be ready to go to market anytime!

Findspace Track

Your NEW Leasing Assistant!

Stay on top of deals & renewals & eliminate time-consuming reporting

Remain laser focused with a streamlined dashboard of all your opportunities

Tap less, do more, with greater transparency and immediate team feedback

Less time clicking means more time growing your business.

Try a demo and see for yourself.

Over 300 million square feet and 40% of the top 25 Canadian office managers and owners are on the Findspace platform.

5,000 brokers and subscribers rely on the Findspace platform to receive real time updates on newly available and just leased suites from our clients’ portfolios.

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5,000 brokers and subscribers rely on Findspace for property marketing and management solutions

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