4 Ways to Get Your CRE Property in Front of the Right People with Findspace

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Findspace offers intuitively powerful but simple to use tools to expertly market your commercial real estate properties with real-time visual accuracy. This is  something Findspace helps brokers achieve on a daily basis & here’s how:

Powerful Email Marketing

Your commercial real estate portfolios can be sent directly to all brokers on the platform via email, making it easy to stay top of mind for all brokers. Since email is now one of the most widely-used platforms for marketing and is easily tracked with analytics, this offering by Findspace is incredibly valuable and can help you close more sales because your properties are being exposed to the right people.

Auto-Sync Info

With Findspace, all of your information and data will auto sync. You will have all of your data updated for up-to-the-minute promotion monitoring. It is extremely difficult to market properties without having consistent up-to-date info and the last thing you want to do is have potential clients viewing out-of-date information. Findspace keeps you fully updated in real time so you will always be putting your best foot forward in the market.

Mobile-Friendly Leasing Opportunities

Findspace’s mobile-friendly integrated views offer full access to listings and the overall picture so your entire portfolio is easily mapped. These future-forward leasing pages can list all of the information needed for a property, and since the world has become highly-intertwined with mobile devices, this type of feature is crucial to stay modern and relevant. If your website and listings are not mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on a lot of potential clients or sales/leasing transactions.

Syndicates Daily to the CRE Portal

Brokers can effortlessly and efficiently manage their portfolio anytime, anywhere. You can access timely and verified listing data, send messages and book tours all in one system. Any updates to your portfolio will be automatically syndicated to the CRE portal. On the tenant end, you can search for opportunities that are managed in real-time. Expect to find the most accurate and up-to-date info whenever it is needed.

Bonus Feature: Assistant

Findspace offers a great feature that operates as an assistant. You can tap less and do more. The light touch pipelining of deals provides transparency and immediate feedback from your team, eliminating time-consuming reporting activities. There are so many features that Findspace offers than help brokers get their unique listings in front of the right people.

The commercial real estate industry is tough to compete in. Having a platform that is sure to get your listings in front of the right people can give you a competitive edge. Findspace can give you the opportunity to present your listings in unique ways that will attract the right type of attention. Having both a strong web presence that is mobile-friendly and having a property marketing strategy that truly works will make all the difference in how many deals you close and how successful you are as a commercial real estate broker.

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