5 Sustainability Trends We’re Watching in the Office Sector

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Green Building adoption is continuing to increase as companies are looking to be eco-friendlier and implement new technology into their buildings to reduce their carbon footprint and appease employees who are passionate about going green. Let’s take a close look at five sustainability trends we’re watching in the office sector.

#1. Resiliency

In the past few years, we have seen catastrophic natural disasters damage and destroy buildings, which is why resilience has become a huge trend in the office sector. Developers will continue to frame resilience in terms of risk mitigation and insurance costs, while building owners and architects will have to consider the in-place truths of more extreme climate patterns and how this may affect building structures should a natural disaster happen. We will see cities turn up on the volume on resiliency requirements, adding to requirements and local code.

#2. Innovation

When it comes to reducing carbon footprints, many companies are leaning on technology to reduce energy usage. New trends will include everything from modular and highly adaptable building designs to technologically-driven thermostats and windows. Technology is one of the biggest drivers of implementing eco-friendly initiatives within office buildings, particularly “smart technology.”

#3. Adoption of WELL Building Standard

As more companies are getting a grasp on the impact their building has on their professionals’ well-being and productivity, we expect to see a trend of more companies aiming to meet the WELL Building Standard. The standard encourages wellbeing and health and recognizes the value of design in the workplace. The WELL Building Standard covers concepts like comfort and mind, air, and light, all of which can be positively impacted by greenery.

#4. Flexible Office Space

A strategically-designed workplace should cater to the ever-changing requirements of the professionals working in it. This is a trend we expect to see even more companies adopt, with the implementation of things like modular soft seating, workbenches, desk pods, meet-point tables, standing desks, and breakout furniture. These make the office more adaptable for all kinds of professionals and their various work styles.

#5. Adding Plants

Many offices have started to add indoor plants to keep the air fresh. Studies show that plants can increase productivity by 15 percent. It has also been said that 75 percent of the emotions generated on a daily basis are affected by smell. Not only can smell help improve professional morale, but it can also increase productivity. By adding fresh plants to the office, you can give your office a greener look and feel that your employees will appreciate. This can also be done by adding outdoor spaces and terraces to new office developments.

Commercial real estate is truly at the nexus of many sustainability and environmental issues since this industry consumes plenty of energy, water, and other natural resources. According to CBRE, major metropolitan office markets around the world are seeing a significant increase in the adoption of “green” building certification programs. These trends listed above will help further propel office buildings to take on a “greener” approach.

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