6 Office Amenities Today’s Tenants Require

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Today, the market for office space is fierce, which means upgrading the amenities within an office is vital to attracting and retaining top tenants. It can be a real value-add and is an investment that truly pays off because it creates an office environment that is more creative, productive and boosts employee morale by meeting the needs and expectations of the tenants. Here are six office amenities today’s tenants require.

Great Food Options

Food is important to employees. It is a source of comfort and a stress reliever. Having access to a wide array of healthy food options in a building is one of the most highly sought-after amenities for today’s office tenants. This helps eliminate the need for employees to leave the building which helps produce productivity.

Common Areas

Modern day workers don’t want to be chained to their desks. A space for relaxing and taking a few minutes to interact with co-workers is healthy for employees. Many tenants want rooftop space, lounges and even nap rooms where employees can spend some time decompressing during the hectic workday.

Fitness Centers/Gyms

It’s convenient for tenants to have a gym right in the office because it is one less stop they have on their daily list of tasks. Adding a fitness center not only boosts the health and wellness of employees, but it also helps them be more productive. When someone has to go to another spot to exercise after a long day of work, people typically don’t follow through and skip their workout. Having a convenient place to work out is a huge draw for office tenants.

Top Technology

One of the most important and necessary amenities for offices in today’s world is a top-notch tech infrastructure. Quick and reliable WiFi, new computer hardware and computer software, high-end security systems, amazing printers, and conference rooms decked out with the best technology for meetings.

Commuting Options

Tenants want amenity-rich, urban and modern office environments that have options for commuting. A truly walkable location that is convenient to public transportation is one amenity that can be a make it or break it factor for both businesses and employees. A way to accommodate another commuting option in the office is to offer a bike room for those who bike to work.

Co-Working Areas

Co-working has made a huge splash and is now one of the most popular ways to work. Tenants who work in WeWork or SPACES locations have the added benefit of being able to network and interact with other tenants along with the unique office amenities these co-working spaces offer. Landlords are now beginning to recognize this trend and are beginning to incorporate this into buildings by fleshing out entire floors dedicated solely to co-working. The meshing of the traditional office concept with co-working creates the perfect office for any type of tenant from all different kinds of industries.

Today, the office isn’t just the office. In order to keep up with the modernization of the workforce, landlords need to implement amenities today’s office tenants demand like more food options, different working environments, and fitness centers to create a haven where employees can get more than just their 9-5 tasks done and accomplish personal tasks as well.

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