Montreal & NYC Conference Roundup: A validation of our vision…

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The annual Strategy & Leasing Conference took place in Montreal on October 30th, bringing together owners, tenants, brokers, and other key players in the region’s real estate sector. In addition, NYC’s flagship MIPIM event, with over 1000 attendees, happened November 6th and Findspace’s CEO, Alain Cohen, attended both.

Having a long-standing, trusted reputation as well as deep knowledge of the Quebec market, Alain speaks of how well Findspace is positioned there. The positive conversations with his Montreal & New York cohorts on where the industry is going in terms of CRE Tech, give validation to Findspace’s vision.

“Recognizing that clients are overwhelmed with service offerings, there is immense value in what Findspace provides – that being a simplified, friendly, visually appealing & highly efficient portfolio management tool which facilitates maximum engagement with all organizational stakeholders as well as the external network.”

Alain Cohen, CEO, Findspace

As evident at the MIPIM conference in NYC, there’s a common ground for those in the Canadian & US markets who wish to harness their data & develop a strategic competitive edge, but it’s only in the last two years that the CRE industry began to open up to the idea of true information sharing. The intuitive ability to create dynamic stacking & floor plans, lease expiry profiles, and more importantly, renewal profiles, leads to greater visibility, accessibility, and quicker decision making.

Findspace acts as a sponge, whose role is to digest, graphically transform, and augment complex data with real-time market statistics to make it more consumable, actionable, and powerful for our client’s day-to-day business and vital growth.

Overall, participating in these two conferences helps to substantiate our product roadmap and to truly understand our clients’ needs, goals, and willingness to adapt to the ever-changing CRE technology landscape.

Alain Cohen, CEO, Findspace



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