Technology is Not Just About Features

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When you are choosing the technology you are going to implement into your commercial real estate business, you need to think more about the user experience and not just the features. A piece of technology may have tons of interesting features, but they are only as good as the benefits they bring to the business. Technology should not interfere with life but enhance it. Findspace does this and here’s how.


The Findspace marketing features enhance the business by sending email alerts directly to all brokers within the platform, auto-syncing information for up-to-the-minute promotion monitoring. The marketing feature is also mobile-friendly, so you don’t have to be on your computer to see leasing opportunities on your website. It also syndicates daily to Altus Insight & Spacelist.

Your Dashboard, Simplified

This is one of the most integral features of the platform. . The new dashboard can help save time by eliminating incessant clicking and disorganized files, acting as command central, where everything you will need to expertly market and manage clients and listings is right at your fingertips.

Results in Real Time

Technology that can track and report on performance in real time is invaluable. Findspace displays comparative information and metrics in order to benchmark the performance of your portfolio and to see what is going on in your market currently. You can log broker activity to automatically monitor interest and identify properties that are not performing up to standard. With this feature, you experience a stronger  reach and gain better insight with less effort and time spent..

Easier Management

Managing and storing photos, site plans, stacking plans, property brochures all in one place makes for easier access anywhere at any time. You can enter and update all of the information one time, so you no longer have to perform manual, time consuming, and repetitive entry. Within seconds you can create branded promotions and marketing material.

Seamless Integration

Findspace works with the systems you are already using such as MRI, JD Edwards, Yardi and any accounting system through XML so that you can load all of your information with no disruption to your current business processes, greatly enhancing your productivity. It automatically syncs across all of the marketing channels for error-free and up-to-date information. The system scales according to your needs and business goals and does so through complete one-on-one training and unparalleled customer support.

User Experience

User experience is not just an app or a feature, it is truly everything when it comes to technology. It is where you begin and end and should not be disruptive to your everyday processes. An ideal user experience is holistic and helps save time, money and boost productivity. The commercial real estate industry is slow to adopt new technology, which is why it is so critical that the technology implemented is more than just something with a lot of features – the tools need to enhance the workflow and offer a great user experience.

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