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We offer multiple platform tiers to accommodate Owners, Managers and Brokerages with diverse portfolios ranging from 250,000 SF to 45M+ SF, supporting Office, Industrial and Retail assets.

More flexibility, more power, more insights.

Find the perfect plan for you – 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Marketing
    • Owners - Managers - Brokerages
    • Enhance online presence, gain insights, track deals
    • Portfolio Leasing Pages
    • Management Dashboards
    • Syndication to CRE Network
    • Automated broker engagement
    • Track! Mobile + Desktop
    • Fees based on portfolio size¬†
  • Leasing
    • Owners - Managers - Brokers
    • View and leverage operational leasing data
    • Leasing Engine
    • Internal System Integration
    • Dynamic Stacking Plans
    • Management Dashboards
    • Track! Mobile + Desktop
    • Fees based on portfolio size
  • Track!
    • Owners - Managers - Brokers
    • TRACK deal pipeline and team share
    • Desktop, iOS, Android
    • NER calculator
    • Real-time activity dashboard
    • Track new deals and renewals
    • Manage all opportunities!
    • Included with any module
  • Enterprise
    • Owners - Managers
    • Includes all 3 Findspace plans in one
    • Marketing
    • Leasing
    • Track!
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Fees based on portfolio size

Findspace Leasing

A natural extension to the marketing module, providing integrated performance dashboards, lease & expiry profiles, plus deal & renewal tracking. Full access to portfolio reports by fund & property manager make it easy to map and convey information to your tenant audience, meaning less manual tasks & more growth!

Findspace Marketing

Perfect for owners, managers and brokerages looking to manage, track, and promote their portfolio pages and listing opportunities. Marketing performance and engagement is tracked via a management dashboard along with new leads and opportunities, all in one succinct portal.


Findspace Track!

Easily manage & monitor all broker activity to determine level of interest and to identify underperforming properties. Be consistently on top of your renewals with highly proactive engagement.


Seamless Integration and Support

Works intuitively with internal systems such as Yardi, JDE, MRI & any ERP platform

Automatically syncs across marketing channels for consistent, up-to-date & error-free data

Scales according to your unique needs & goals

Simplified onboarding, complete one-on-one training & unparalleled customer support

Be up & running in 1-2 weeks, as  we do all the heavy-lifting!

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