Why Findspace

Findspace provides intuitively powerful yet simple to use tools to expertly market your commercial real estate portfolio with real-time visual accuracy.

Simplified Dashboard

Say goodbye to endless clicking and mismanaged files.
Your new dashboard is command central,
with all you need to expertly market and manage your clients and listings


Stacking Views that Stack Up

Multi-layered Stacking Views let you see, know, and value each space down to the square foot, while detailed blueprints allow you to visualize every lease expiry in context.

Future-Forward Leasing Pages

Mobile-friendly integrated views offer full access to listings and the overall picture so your entire portfolio is easily mapped.


Less time clicking means more time growing your business. Try a demo and see for yourself.

Meet Your New Assistant

Tap less, do more. Light touch pipelining of deals provides transparency and immediate feedback from your team, eliminating time consuming reporting activities.


Who’s it for?


Have full access to reports, analytics, and property data. Know which suites are being utilized, and which leases are about to expire.


Effortlessly and efficiently manage your portfolio anytime, anywhere. Access timely and verified listing data, send messages, and book tours on one system.


Search for opportunities managed in real-time. The most accurate and up-to-date information is yours, whenever you need it.

  • Findspace has saved us a great deal of time and money! I would highly recommend working with Findspace!

    Michael Chin IT Director | Triovest
  • Findspace's ability to consolidate, automate, and publish our real estate portfolio makes our lives so much easier.

    Ken Cowan VP Risk & National Programs | Morguard
  • The most important concern for us when it came to marketing our properties was to have a strong web presence and clear messaging to our network of brokers and customers. Findspace was able to help us achieve that goal.

    Todd Febbo General Manager Office & Industrial Leasing | Morguard
  • Working with Findspace has made a huge difference in the way Dream’s leasing team manages and communicates their availabilities.

    Andrew Cunningham Director of Leasing | Dream Industrial REIT
  • We are very pleased with the improved efficiencies, better market visibility, and enhanced communications that the Findspace platform has provided for the Dream Industrial division.”

    Nick Stryland VP Portfolio Management, Central Region | Dream Industrial REIT

Over 300 million square feet and 40% of the top 25 Canadian office managers and owners are on the Findspace platform.

5,000 brokers and subscribers rely on the Findspace platform to receive real time updates on newly available and just leased suites from our clients’ portfolios.

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5,000 brokers and subscribers rely on Findspace for property marketing and management solutions

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