Why the Intuitiveness of Your Tech Matters

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Technology is a powerful thing. It has a ripple effect on every aspect to life from your morning commute to how you close a deal. Technology can be leveraged to advance productivity, but it can also harp on efficiency if the technology is not intuitive and negatively affects your workflow. Let’s take a look at why the intuitiveness of your tech matters.

Eliminate Unnecessary Distractions

If your technology is distracting you more than helping you, it is not working intuitively. Turn off audible alerts except for text messages, phone calls and emails. Close programs you are not using to avoid distractions. If you need to truly focus, you can always download an app that helps you stay focused by silencing certain alerts for things like social media or games on your phone.

Allow Technology to Multi-Task

Humans cannot multi-task, but phones and computers can. You can alternate tasks but cannot truly perform two tasks at once. With intuitive technology, you can handle multiple different things at one time. Technology can help you determine which tasks should be done in and can help you accomplish them in the most efficient ways possible. There are plenty of apps and software that can help you organize due dates and deadlines to ensure that you are working on items in the smartest order.

Create a Technology Schedule

In order to ensure that technology is helping you and not interfering with your productivity, make sure you have a technology schedule. Keep your exposure to technology under control by creating a schedule that you follow for every day, both at work and at home. You do not want to spend time endlessly scrolling through social media feeds and checking countless emails while working. Focus on tasks of productivity and leave social media for its own designated time slot.

Incorporate Automation

Find and use tools that automate everything from calendars to bill payments and even email responses. Also, add as many apps as you can that can provide a way to digitize any manual processes like making lists or purchasing gifts. Automation can be a gift that keeps on giving since you it will help take some things off your mind and help you focus on other more important tasks.

Enhance Your Technology

Utilize plug-ins to enhance your current technology. An example is Boomerang for Outlook to help file and organize emails. This can help you clean up your inbox by archiving important emails and bringing them back when needed. This is just one example of how you can optimize your existing programs to help them be more intuitive to your needs and your specific workflow.

Technology should never work against you. You just have to be able to weave it into both your work and personal life without it interfering with your productivity. From adding on extensions to your internet browser to creating a technology schedule, there are plenty of ways to boost the intuitiveness of your technology and ways to use it to boost productivity.

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